Gringotts Ride Construction Work continues on the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida. The centerpiece of the new expansion is rumored to be an indoor roller coaster which takes place inside Gringotts Bank. Rumors suggest that Diagon Alley will also be part of the expansion as well as a Hogwarts Express train ride going from Universal Studios to Islands of Adventure.


11 Responses to “Gringotts Ride Construction”
  1. Eric says:

    Why does everything that Universal builds now have to be one of these nausea-inducing motion simulator rides?? There are some GREAT things they could have done with a Gringott’s Bank ride, but I’ve read it’s going to be another projection-screen deal. I can’t ride those, they make me sick!! But I love coasters. I just don’t even go to Universal because everything is a simulator. I had always hoped that the Harry Potter ride would be like the way they did the Rock and Roller Coaster at Disney’s MGM—a great coaster racing through actual structures. Feels sooo much more real. Oh well.

  2. Joe says:

    We went to universal the other day and an employee said there will be diagon alley

  3. Will says:

    When will it be complete?

  4. Linda Hessel says:

    Should we wait to visit until after the expansion?

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  5. Harribo says:

    So excited. To see expansion hpw is amazing we r going back 2015 so hopefully expansion will all be open xxx

  6. Rik Potter says:

    Is this confirmed? I only ask because I read somewhere else that this attraction was a new TRANSFORMERS ride.

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  7. mercedes says:

    we need more information on this ride. any way there is already 3 rollercoasters and i dont like roller coaster that much but im not the only one so they need different attractions i mean HP IS AWESOME and u only get a taste from the theme park.

  8. Marco says:

    I think that the Gringotts Ride is so amazing! I really can’t believe how hard you’ve worked to bring the Wizarding World to life and have us experience the full journey.

  9. Laura says:

    The park is really great. But I think that the castle experience needs to be remodeled. A slow ride or walk through the castle, going through the rooms, eating in the dining hall, just having the full experience. The very fast ride through is too crazy of a pace for that experience. That ride should be a separate ride outside of the castle. The seats on that ride are also very small for a man to sit in. We are glad to hear that you are expanding because there just wasnt enough to keep busy for very long. Maybe also more witch and wizarding stuff too. Hagrids hut should also be an open deal, maybe a store or some type of open experience. the Burrough should be in there with all of its awesomeness as some type of attraction.

    The experience was really nice, but Harry Potter is SO MUCH MORE! More of it please!