Gringotts Ride Track New track pieces are now being installed in the new Gringotts Ride at Universal Studios Florida! Keep checking back for the latest updates!

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11 Responses to “Gringotts Ride Track Installation Begins”
  1. Cynthia Musu says:

    Did you ever consider letting people know ahead of time that all people cannot fit the dimensions of the seats in the Hogwart’s ride. I saw one woman in tears when she tried to board but was told she would not be able to ride. Why not make at least one special car that larger individuals could fit into that would fit 3 people instead of 4. Hasn’t anyone complained yet? People spend a lot of money planning a trip to and then get disappointed for a major attraction like Harry Potter. Hope you can find a resolution for this issue. Also, I hope the new additions to Harry Potter will be able to fit all individuals. Funny that no one seems to have complained yet!

  2. Aliah. says:

    hey, we are visiting again in October 2014. do you think it will be open by then?

  3. Harry says:

    whatt time do you think it will be done? because my family and i, are planning to go to the new harry potter world expansion,i know it will be done by 2014, but we dont know when?? will it be done by january? or april? help!

    • wwhp4life says:

      Sorry, Universal has not announced an opening date… but I’m guessing it will be sometime in the summer.

  4. BRee says:

    The expansion is supposedly going to open in 2014. They have been building this for quite some time now.

  5. Jared says:

    do you think the ride will be done by june in 2014?

  6. Harribo says:

    Any more updates or news? Can’t wait to see more pics now find out more

  7. Roxanne says:

    Just checking the updates to see when this ride and the expansion will be completed.. hopeing it will be ready for us to enjoy this July as we are planning a vacation down there this summer.. Keep me posted.. love it… usa gambling casinos


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