Enjoy a presentation of songs by a small choir of Hogwarts students, accompanied by their large croaking frogs. The show takes place near the Flight of the Hippogriff.

Frog Choir Frog Choir Frog Choir Frog Choir Frog Choir

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90 Responses to “Frog Choir”
  1. Sean says:

    How often are auditions held for the frog choir? I would love to be part of it if auditions are ever held.

  2. Dylan Volpe says:

    Love the Frog Choir! It’s so magical and awesome!

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  3. Rebecca Zwierlein says:

    I loved every thing about DiagonAlly and Hogwarts/Hogsmeade. The rides were amazing the castle amazing. But what really struck me most was going through the brick door and going into another world. Great job Universal!

  4. Takt Ictus says:

    Why is the conducting pattern backwards? I know I have a minor advantage in the fact that this is what I do for a living…but no one who put this together at Universal noticed that she is conducting an upbeat on a downbeat??? Or is this an unknown wizarding technique?

    • Kelly West says:

      The choir actually sings without paying attention to the conductor. The singers are musicians, the conductor is an employee of Universal who is needed for her speaking skills, not her musical skills.

  5. It is honestly so prohibitively expensive that they cannot make those huge frogs slightly animatronic so that they can operate on a rechargeable battery? They are not even croaking, let alone to music.

    • Allie says:

      If you listen, they do ‘sing’ to the music. Since the songs are done acapella, the frogs provide the bass notes and if you listen and watch that’s what they do for the entire time. Often times they are drowned out by the other singers during the performances.

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